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Useful Box


LIMIT: One Useful Box per customer. The Useful Box is intended for owners of the 2020 printing of Obsession, Upstairs, Downstairs, and the Wessex expansion.

ORDERING: Useful Boxes cannot be ordered here (via Shopify). There are a limited number of Useful Boxes remaining. They can only be ordered by owners of the 2020 printing via email at hallagan@kayentapublishing.com. Feel free to email Dan if you are unsure.

CORRECTED CONTENT: The Useful Box contains updated or corrected content for the base game and the Upstairs, Downstairs expansion, including purple draw bags with proper stitching, extra player aids to populate all family boxes, an extra cook for the Howard family box, corrected Housekeeper's Room tiles, and three corrected gentry cards that contained errors.

NEW CONTENT: The Useful Box will not be reprinted; new content will be made available in the future via other avenues.

NOTE: This is not a standalone game and requires both the Obsession base game and the Upstairs, Downstairs expansion.

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