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Upstairs, Downstairs


SECOND EXPANSION FOR THE OBSESSION BOARD GAME: This expansion requires the Obsession Board Game (base game) to play. Upstairs, Downstairs is an expansion that supplies gamers with novel options for controlling Victorian fate using the unique abilities of the new servant staff: the Cook, Hall Boy, Head Housemaid, and Useful Man. This expansion also increases variety by adding a new family, additional guests, new tiles, and solo play options.

WHAT IT CONTAINS: The Upstairs, Downstairs expansion adds the Howard family board to the mix that gives the advantage of having the most talented cook on staff. The expansion also adds 49 additional guests, five new improvement tiles, milestones, larger courtship cards, and three new game modes (Solo Estate Challenge, Tableau Obsession, and Cooperative Obsession).

INTEGRATION WITH OBSESSION: This 2023 Upstairs, Downstairs expansion now contains the Business Room and alternate West Terrace tiles in place of the 1st edition upgrade components present in printings from 2022 and earlier.

UP TO SIX PLAYERS: This game enables a 5th player. This expansion in conjunction with the Wessex expansion enables a 6th player.

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